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Art Motion TV art frames will make your house more stylish

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Are you interested in redecorating certain parts of your beloved home? If so, we present you Art Motion’s “Framed in Paradise” TV frames collection, creation of the renowned David Miller. The collection had its debut at CES, and it’s – sort of – based on rearranging your common TV set and turning into a gorgeous work of art.

Thus, you can give a bespoke look to your favorite appliance, keeping it both useful, but lacking its main function, and eye-catching. The setting is customizable at customer’s choice, him being able to choose from an array of sizes, shapes, figures and materials.

There are three main categories for the sets: Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate version. The Standard version is the simplest of all, for pre-installed TV sets, functions as a TV holder, being mainly a frame attachable to the TV through four twist locks. An advantage is that it can cope with any mounting system. The price for such a piece ranges from $800 to $1,800, for a 37-inch TV set and respectively a 65-inch one.

The Deluxe version on the other hand replaces any previous mounting solutions, being strictly aimed towards flush mounting. This is costlier and more exclusive, using the TV connectors and media through the back of the TV panel. It comes patented as French cleat design, the television being fixed between the two flat panels and also keeping it accessible for later needs.

The frame can be mounted via studs directly on the wall, and then the TV can be applied. This particular type of frame has its design inspired by David Linley, creating the illusion of an open window. As the previous, this version can be customized at customer’s will, for prices between $1,400 and $2,700.

The last version is also the most exclusive of them. The Ultimate version is actually a complete entertainment solution, providing subtlety for the auxiliary sound system and being pointed towards those that like to keep any wiring, speakers or unwanted gadgets hidden. This particular frame features a 10-speaker sound system assisted by a 1,000 W amplifier.

It’s available for 46-inch TV sets or bigger, it costs somewhere between $2,800 and $4,650.


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