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Bouygues Construction Adds To Monaco’s Ultra Luxurious Vibe

Bouygues Construction Monaco

The Mediterranean Sea is famous for its pristine blue waters and the all around joyful atmosphere on its shores. That’s why the sovereign state of Monaco has decided to build six hectares of luxury apartments right at the edge of the sea, a decision that might get some environmentalists upset, but with a large number of residents scrambling in less than one square mile area of the city-state, something had to be done.

Bouygues Construction is the company in charge with this extraordinary project, that’s expected to cost 1 billion EUR and will be built right into the sea along the coast of the Riviera principality. The 15-acre project will even feature a marina, several public parks, a Japanese garden and a seaside promenade, so let’s not ruin everything by thinking about price-tags, shall we?

Bouygues Construction Monaco

This French paradise, with renowned casinos, lavish hotels and various other attractions, hasn’t been really thinking about Mother Nature’s beauty and future, but the Bouygues Construction project promises to be focused on sustainable development and environmental protection.

Maybe a change in thinking, and scenery, might be a good idea, even in a place as amazing as Monaco. You have to consider the tremendous efforts in getting such a huge project approved, let alone completed. Furthermore, we are quite sure the properties from this project will let anyone’s jaw drop, but we’ll just have to wait and see what we’re dealing with.

Bouygues Construction Monaco


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