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Boucheron Helped Create the $360k Vertu SIGNATURE Cobra

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The Vertu SIGNATURE Cobra is a stylish and sophisticated manner of letting the world know that most of us are already preoccupied with the growing number of privacy issues. Every connected device is potentially a spying tool, which is why the company’s latest flagship phone shows off no smart features and it looks almost too good to be true.

Produced in a very limited run, the new Vertu SIGNATURE Cobra is an outrageous ruby-encrusted $360,000 device running what some might consider obsolete technology. It’s built from 388 different parts and hand-assembled in the UK, and if you’re still thinking about that staggering price-tag feel free to relax at the thought that only eight such units will be sold, one of them going to China.


To add to the exclusivity of the device, Boucheron chipped in, with the French royal jewelry brand helping to create a ravishing exterior look for this phone. Inspired by the original Vertu SIGNATURE phone, this luxurious device is covered in 439 rubies, strategically positioned to resemble a cobra sitting on the front side of the phone.

The team at Boucheron went on to add two emeralds as well, and to complete this outrageous endeavor, Vertu will deliver each of the eight phones by helicopter. What more could you ask for?



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