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Blue Peace Yacht by Aras Kazar Designs

By Adrian Prisca


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Aras Kazar, world renowned sailing-vessel manufacturer, recently presented their latest concept, the Motor Yacht Blue Peace. It’s designed to be a 100% solar-powered eco-friendly speedboat, and, with a maximum speed of 60 knots, one of the fastest on the market. The company announced this project right after the launch of the Blue Dream II eco-luxury yacht.

Measuring 42 meters, this concept-boat is destined to be bought by aristocrats that desire speed and luxury at the same time. The glass panels placed in the front and sides of the ship give it a near-to-perfect aerodynamic shape, this being inspired by the ”flying fish”, a rare species that inhabits oceans, and that jumps out of water to glide at speeds similar to the yacht’s.

Besides the glass, a load of aluminum and wood is used, giving it an extravagant look as well as very low bodyweight. During fine weather conditions, the hood in the back of the yacht can be retracted. A total of 6 guests can be accommodated, while the interior is vast, luxurious and perfect for cruising.

The owner’s room contains a king-sized bed. There are queen-bedrooms and a dining table inside the main cabin. Almost everything inside is colored in beige and white, these tones giving it a relaxant, comfortable note.

The boat is powered by three 6,300 HP engines, that can range around 500 nautical miles at 60 knots. At a cruising speed of 7 knots, the autonomy can get up to 1,500 nautical miles. The “wings” that retract into the sides of the boat are responsible for the yacht’s electricity, being fitted with solar panels.

If this sailing masterpiece catches / caught your attention, note that it is still a concept. Orders can be pitched soon, though.


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