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The BKON Craft Brewer Features a Hi-Tech New Way of Making Tea

By Brody Patterson


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If you thought making tea is just a simple, low-tech process – think again! The BKON Craft Brewer takes tea brewing into the 21st century with a sophisticated new process you sort of need to have a degree in physics to truly understand.

The device harnesses BKON’s patented RAIN (which stands for Reverse Atmospheric Infusion) process. The Craft Brewer creates a vacuum which actually draws the air out of the pores, so that when water is also released into the mix it immediately infuses as deeply as possible, extracting the flavor in a better, more efficient way the conventional process, which simply pushes water though the tea. This operation takes place multiple times, which allows for the preparation of some really outstandingly flavored drinks.

The BKON Craft Brewer can brew over 60 cups of some of the best tea you’ve tasted in about an hour and can store up to 200 recipes. The cost of one of the state of the art devices is $13,000.


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