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Bespoke ‘upcycled’ Aston Martin furniture

By Adrian Prisca


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Enthusiasts of the automotive industry have also looked forward to mirroring their passion into their private lifestyles. From all sorts of gadgetry or toy cars to furniture crafted from recycled car parts, their passion proves to be quite vivid. Aston Martin Heritage specialists, Nicholas Mee & Co., from London, have recently put together a special collection of furniture pieces to be gifted to auto enthusiasts, as Christmas is coming.

Having collaborated with P.Arts Performance Artworks and Racing Gold, Nicholas Mee & Company have recently launched the Aston Martin furniture collection, comprising pieces of furniture that were crafted from previously used components from Aston Martin racing cars and road cars, carefully kept and restored by Racing Gold. Some of the pieces featured here are a crankshaft coffee table, propshaft coat stand, tweed covered racing seat and an Aston Martin brake caliper iPhone / iPod docking station.

A very interesting info is that the guys at P.Arts are able to accept individual commissions from customers to craft items from pre-used Aston Martin components and parts. We especially liked the Aston Martin brake caliper iPhone / iPad docking station which was created by Racing Gold.

It is reportedly available in a full range of colors and comes with compatibility with iPhones 4, 4S and 4, alongside recently manufactured iPods. This build has a few advantages, the caliper’s mass being able to enhance low frequency sounds through the surface of the table, all thanks to an in-built phonic transfer speaker. Furthermore, the dock is equipped with lithium-ion battery, audio and charging leads. The docking station costs $1,595.

The crankshaft table on the other hand was refurbished from an actual V8 Vantage GT4 engine, upcycled by Nicholas Mee Racing’s Aston Martin GT4 Challenge GT4 race car. It measures 65 cm in height and was garnished with superb glass top that measures 65 cm in diameter. In addition, the crankshaft table has also received the NMR stamp for authenticity, a brake bell and a brake disk from exactly the same racer. The price of the crankshaft table is $4,803.

Another interesting item in this collection is the P.Arts Retro Tweed bucket seat, crafted from a period bucket seat which was formerly used in an Aston Martin racing car which has received the unique official Aston Martin Racing/Hackett “Prince of Wales” tweed. The 95 cm tall chair has been intricately engineered to replicate the appearance of the spokes from a Nardi wooden steering wheel which used to be used in many Heritage Aston Martin cars. The chair boasts the same price tag as the crankshaft table, $4,803.

The collection is currently available for purchase from Nicholas Mee & Company’s online store.


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