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The elegant Bentley Home Collection

Bentley fans are everywhere around the world and I’m sure many of them love their cars so much that they would have them inside their cozy homes. Bentley has probably thought of this before launching this staggering line of furniture.

The Bentley Home Collection was designed and manufactured in close collaboration with Club House Italia and according to the traditional, famously exquisite attention to detail of Bentley. The luxury automotive brand is now taking cues from the expertise it has in car interior building and applies them to home design. The result is quite exclusive and roughly equal in terms of quality with its original field of expertise.

Backed by elegance, identity and style, the Bentley Home Collection has received the best in furnishing business from Club House Italia, given the fact that these people are quite famous with their business – the finest boardrooms, apartments, private jets, yachts, hotels and home interiors.

With a whiff of pride, Stefan Buescher, Bentley Motors’ Director of Product and Marketing, describes: “For more than 90 years Bentley has produced the world’s finest hand-crafted car interiors – now we are making our approach to luxury available to people’s homes and offices.”



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