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Bejeweled Eluxio flashlights priced at almost $8,000

By Adrian Prisca


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At the first sight, these gadgets don’t really have anything in common with their actual purpose. This until you see the light popping out of one end – and yes, these superb items are flashlights. The bejeweled Eluxio flashlights have been manufactured to fulfill the needs of those who want to extend their passion for luxury into the most minute of details.

These superb flashlights are here to make sure you don’t get lost in the dark, although you’d better use something bigger and more powerful. Crafted from sterling silver, 14 carat gold or ebony, these elegant LED flashlights are encrusted with diamonds and can be used as either flashlights, key rings or necklaces.

I bet there are lots of fans out there who would love to find out more details about these things. Well, the €6,120 version, the approximate equivalent of $7,980, boasts with gold plated screws (even rhodinated, if customers prefer them), embellishments with black and white diamonds, Akoya pearls, coral and a satinwood or ebony body.

In addition, the flashlight sports a microcontroller and a Nichia LED. And, if you prefer using it as a necklace, the package features a 60 centimeters long 14 carat gold chain, to go well with it. Enjoy!


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