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Bang & Olufsen Playmaker receiver streams your music

We’ve featured Bang & Olufsen for a number of times on our website, thus we hope you’re now familiarized with the creations of these geniuses in audio technology. Continuing their long tradition in enticing our senses with pristine, crystal clear sounds and melodies, they’re back on the market with a brand new gadget.

The Playmaker, as they’ve named it, is able to wirelessly stream music from virtually any type of smartphone, MAC, PC, media server or tablet. It simply connects to the music application you’re using and plays it.

The playback is simply brilliant. You may choose any application you like in order to communicate with this device, from iTunes to DLNA, NAS, AirPlay and more. It is built for those that want the best out of the smallest, the coolest out of the hardest to design.

The Playmaker is ready to take you on a superb audiophonic journey. All aboard!

[Bang & Olufsen]


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