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Backes & Strauss Regent Beau Brummell Watch

By Adrian Prisca


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To be honest, and extremely weirdly, Luxatic team’s favorite color is blue. And whenever we see stuff decked with bluish tones, we’re most anxious to share them with you. And here’s a ground-breaking piece – the extremely stylish Beau Brummell Limited Edition timepiece, part of Backes & Strauss’ Regent Collection.

In case our readers don’t know who Beau Brummell was, we shall explain: he was an English wit, renowned for confidence and squeamishness. He used to be known as the arbiter of fashion in Regency England, a great friend of the Prince Regent and the Future King George IV. And now let’s just cut to the chase. The titanium case of this stunning wristwatch was embellished by hand with 347 Ideal-Cut diamonds which weigh 5.15 carats in total.

The manufacturer has chosen titanium for its massively higher resistance than the steel’s, as well as its extreme lightness. The Roman numerals, set on a linear base, have been also garnished with rows of perfectly balanced diamonds. In fact, the dial is also surrounded by a blue, diamond-set circle, while the lines which replace the regular numerals were also garnished with glimmering stones.

In a more technical approach, we should mention that the timepiece measures between 40 and 47 mm in diameter and features hours, minutes and seconds hands, date located between 4 and 5 o’clock and a superb crown adorned with a 0.09 carat Ideal-Cut diamond. The watch is powered by a mechanical movement with automatic winding and rotor with platinum segment.

Limited to just 50 units, the magnificent Backes & Strauss Regent Beau Brummell limited edition timepiece would definitely fit the taste of its source of inspiration.

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