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Azio’s Posh Retro Classic Keyboard Will Make You Want To Type Forever

By Victor Baker


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Retro Classic Keyboard

A lot of brands focus on style-conscious consumers right now, and that’s exactly the type of customers for whom Azio’s Posh Retro Classic Keyboard has been specially designed. This luxurious mechanical keyboard was inspired by century-old typewriters and shows off an elegant design, to say the least, Bluetooth capabilities, and many other interesting details.

Just take a closer look at its superb copper exterior and its all-around vintage vibe and we’re sure you will want one right away. Azio’s retro keyboard is industry’s first typewriter-inspired keyboard with high-end backlit keys. Compatible with Windows and Mac, this cool device is available in three styles – Onyx, Posh, and Artisan – feel free to take a closer look at the gallery below and decide which suits your style better.

Retro Classic Keyboard

Forged from a beautiful zinc aluminum alloy, the frame has been polished and plated to show off a cool satin copper finish, alongside a stylish leather top plate, which reflects taste and attention to detail. Hex bolts were then added to the keyboard, while the industrial vintage vibe is beautifully complemented by modern touches such as backlight LEDs hiding in the center of each key.

Each keyboard has an elegantly designed custom logo plaque, featuring premium grade brushed anodized aluminum, while a glossy lacquer finish adds to the appeal of this luxurious 21-st century workin’ man’s tool. All we need right now is an all-in-one PC that looks the same way and we’re sold!

Retro Classic Keyboard

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