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Audi R8 receives a purple checkerboad look from Dartz

Audi R8 by Dartz

For those of you who don’t know it yet, Dartz is a Russian tuning company specialized in creating cars for the rich and famous who would do probably anything to turn a lot of heads on the streets. I usually think the cars they design are for customers with bad taste who just want to waste money but… some of you might like their ideas.

The latest project of the tuners from Dartz was based on the Audi R8 which received a special checkerboard look finished in purple. Most of us would probably love a matte black, white or matte gray finish, but if you’re looking for attention, this purple checkerboard finish might be right pick for you.

The checkerboard vinyl is also available in black and white but the striking purple version is surely more eye catching. If you enjoy chess and you also afford to buy an R8 and want to make it unique, you’ll probably like this checkerboard finish from Dartz.



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