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ARTYA unveils three new luxury timepieces

By Adrian Prisca


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ARTYA is coming back on market with a bang this year by introducing a special Black Edition of their Son of a Gun Watch, launched last year. The event comes with the release of two other timepieces, the 1/1 set and Kris 1/1, so that’s three new luxury timepieces from ARTYA.

Among one of the few watchmakers that mix up watches with firearms, ARTYA have boldly taken over the concept of creating aesthetical pieces with macho character. The level of sophistication we see in these watches has roots in the company’s perfectionist tradition, proven by the bullets, in this case, which belong to the genuine 6mm Flobert series. Perfection is found in all the gadgets designed by ARTYA.

The Sun of a Gun Black Edition brings watch making to a whole new level of aesthetics. The a316L stainless steel black PVD-coated case measures 47mm, tied to a black rubber strapping. It also boasts 6 Flobert 6mm gun bullets, while the hours are symbolized in 2-hour interval positions, at the even equivalents.

The center of the dial sports a white enamel target. In terms of techniques, the self-winding mechanical movement includes 25 jewel components. Apart from all these, the watch is also power-efficient, its reserve lasting for up to 42 hours, plus the 50-meter water resistance makes it suit swimmers as well. The exposed skeleton’s covered with scratch-resistant anti-reflective sapphire crystal, conferring it high durability.

The ARTYA A 1/1 timepiece represents the work of Yvan Arpa, showing off its 725-diamonds all around the case, specially destined for wealthy representatives of the beautiful sex. The base of the watch is made of polished stainless steel, while the main dial’s surface is crafted of murex, the extraction source of mother of pearl.

The ancient Phoenicians used to employ the substance in dying processes. Furthermore, the manufacturers used gold leaves around the upper end of the dial and on the sides of the watch. In terms of functionality, the timepiece is represented by a movement – quartz machine, created in Switzerland. In addition, a sapphire crystal covering protects the precious dial, while the velvet strapping is finished with satin.

The last but definitely not the least, the ARTYA Kris 1/1 watch boasts the most intriguing history of them all.  Yvan Arpa himself paid a visit to Lombok, in Indonesia, the local people handing him a traditional dagger blade as gift. It was later broken and carved into smaller pieces meant for incorporation in a very special watch, in this case the Kris 1/1’s dial and casing.

The case suffered than a long array of special treatments for durability, like molding, thermal combustion and engraving. These processes ensured the watch with ruggedness. Inside the exquisite piece we can find a movement entirely crafted and put together in Switzerland. In addition to the water resistance of 50 meters, the timepiece boasts a sapphire crystal covering and a strapping made of crocodile leather.

Sadly, no details regarding availability and prices were released as far as we know, but we invite you to look at the images below and be amazed by the unique style of these watches.


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