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Argentina Welcomes You Entre Cielos

Entre Cielos

I’m not really talented when it comes to learning now languages, but my small knowledge about Spanish and Google Translate have just cleared everything up for me. ‘Entre Cielos’ means “between skies”, this being a brutal translation. Nonetheless, these words allows me to appreciate the name and this unique location even more.

The Entre Cielos hotel is located just outside Mendoza in Argentina, showing off a low-key exterior meant to complement the hotel’s beautiful surroundings. Here you’ll find yourself right in the endless vineyards of Argentina’s Malbec country which await travelers to explore them and enjoy the most serene views from a perch at Entre Cielos.

Entre Cielos

Please note that only 16 lucky guests may enjoy the lovely accommodations here, adding to the exclusivity of this location. And if you appreciate a good wine, this is just the right place to be. Entre Cialos produces several in-house labels, and expert winemaker Hubert Weber was consulted in how best to shape the vineyard.

As such, the eight-acres of vines nearby the hotel produce several award-winning Malbecs that await you to take a sip. A good wine can be topped off with an enjoyable dining experience, as guests can sit down to traditional local fare in a relaxed setting overlooking the mountains.

Last but not least, Entre Cielos will also impress you with a gorgeous Spa and Hammam, that will deliver the ultimate relaxation to anyone who seeks it.

Entre Cielos


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