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Are You Ready For The Sublime Deviehl Ross Kopi Gift Set?

By Victor Baker


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The exquisite coffee cup manufacturer Deviehl is bent on making your coffee drinking experience out of this world. Unique and unforgettable, their new series of breathtaking cups promise to deliver your favorite caffeinated beverage in the most sublime manner ever imagined.

Deviehl’s luxe cup was designed to be cone shaped, with an elegant curved base that allows it to sit upright. The contemporary design and modern materials involved in making this exquisite cup have let classic china designs and ideas way behind.

Getting your hands on the Deviehl Ross Kopi Gift Set set sounds dreamy, and looks the same way, judging by these photos alone. And if we add in the fact that Ross Kopi’s sublime wild Luwak coffee is known to be one of the best brews in the world, the whole gift set becomes even more amazing.

The set includes a Deviehl Cocobolo espresso cup, with a matching base and spoon, as well as 200 g Sumatran Luwak coffee – to make sure you’re all excited. And for only $812, this incredible set is more than just a bargain; it’s a marvel.


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