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Apple AirPods Pro Gold Edition: The Main Features and Differences

Apple AirPods Pro Gold Edition 1

There is one main rule to follow when you want to live the luxury life: never go mainstream.

Even the most perfect bag will grow appalling once you start seeing it everywhere around.

The same thing happens with Apple AirPods, too. These earbuds are extremely functional. You can take them jogging or running and you won’t feel like you’re wearing them. They are unnoticeable when you wear them during a flight. The built-in microphone filters out any noise from the background, so you can use them for business calls, too.

But the usual AirPods have gone mainstream. They are still effective and you still want them. You just want a touch of luxury added to everything you own. It’s okay. Apple’s got your back! The Apple AirPods Pro Gold edition will make you fall in love with these earbuds all over again.

If you’re wondering how to connect AirPods to MacBook, the same procedure still works. The Gold edition makes them look more beautiful, but they are as easy to use as ever.

What Types of AirPods Are There?

Apple AirPods Pro Gold Edition 2

Before we dig into the Apple AirPods Gold review, it’s important to understand the different types of the device that are available on the market.

  • The standard AirPods are what we usually see around. They come with longer “handles” when compared to the Pro model. You can activate them with Siri, put them in your ears, and you’ll immediately start using them. They have a universal fit, so you can’t choose a fit that suits your ear. Currently, Apple sells the second generation of its standard AirPods.

These cost $159 if you want them with the usual charging case, or $199 if you want the wireless charging case.

  • Apple AirPods are a more sophisticated model. You can choose a fit that suits you. They cancel out the surrounding noise, so you can have a conversation without any distractions. They are resistant to water and sweat, so you can wear them in the bathtub.

The AirPods Pro cost $249, and they only come with a wireless charging case. If you think about it, the difference of $50 is not that prominent. You are getting the better product, with an improved fit and extra features.

What’s So Special about the Apple AirPods Pro Gold Edition?

Apple AirPods Pro Gold Edition 3

The Gold version of the AirPods Pro is basically an exclusive edition launched by Caviar, a luxury manufacturer of watches and smartphone accessories.

You get the best earbuds, with all their features. But, there are important differences:

  • They are completely wrapped in gold. The case is wrapped in the precious metal, too. When you put them on, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a pair of luxurious earrings.
  • Due to the golden plating, these buds are heavier than the usual ones. That’s actually a good thing. They aren’t too heavy so they won’t give you any trouble. However, you’ll definitely notice if one of them falls off. When you’re buying something this expensive, you want to be sure you won’t lose it.
  • The price is different, too. The Apple AirPods Pro Gold edition costs $67,790 and the one-off model has been sold already, but we’re sure Caviar will release other versions too.

Should You Get Them?

Apple AirPods Pro Gold Edition 4

The golden edition of the Apple AirPods will give you the exact same feature as the usual Pro pods. Why would you get them? – Because it’s not the same product at all.

It’s a limited luxury edition that looks completely different from the original. It’s not just a functional accessory. It’s something that looks good on you.

We’re not going to discuss the price of a product that’s meant to be expensive. These golden earphones got a lot of criticism from people who don’t understand why some rich people love to stand out. For those of us who do understand, it’s a nice thing to have.

Apple AirPods Pro Gold Edition 5



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