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Angelus Skeleton Tourbillon U21 & U22 Compete For Your Attention

By Victor Baker


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Angelus Skeleton Tourbillon U21 & U22

You’ll probably have a tough time making up your mind between these two new beauties from Angelus, simply called U21 & U22, but before we get into any details, you should know that each of these breathtaking watches will be produced in limited runs of just 18 pieces. That’s what we call super exclusive, but let’s take a closer look at them right now.

First, the Angelus Skeleton Tourbillon U21 shows off a 42 mm case made of NPT carbon-fiber and 18kt red gold, complemented by a domed AR-coated sapphire crystal and a sapphire display back, that could handle 30-meter deep waters. Powering up this cool timepiece is the Swiss manual-wind Angelus caliber A-250, which comes with an NPT carbon-fiber main plate and solid 18kt red gold bridges, and it’s backed up by 90 hours worth of energy.

What’s really appealing about this exquisite watch is the NPT carbon-fiber dial and the fact that all steel components have hand-chamfered and hand-polished edges. We can’t ignore the 21 mm stealth black alligator leather strap either, that comes with a titanium insert and an 18kt red gold buckle.

Angelus Skeleton Tourbillon U21 & U22

Moving on to the Angelus Skeleton U22 tourbillon. This wonderful watch benefits from an NPT carbon-fiber and titanium 42 mm case, with a domed AR-coated sapphire crystal, a sapphire display back, and the same diving abilities being part of the package.

The same movement comes in to keep everything ticking, and the same dial returns as well, this time with printed spokes on outer chapter ring and satin-finished indices. Oh, and let’s not forget that a 21 mm stealth black alligator leather strap, with a titanium insert and a titanium buckle will allow this watch to adorn your wrist – if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one.

Angelus Skeleton Tourbillon U21 & U22

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