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Amphibian inspired Seating Unit by Maximo Riera: Toad Sofa

By Adrian Prisca


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Not sure if I’m watching a horror movie right now, but this sofa we’re featuring here is absolutely epic. Maximo Riera, one of Spain’s most acclaimed artists, has completed the over 15-piece Animal Chairs collection with this amphibian-inspired Baroque sitting unit, which seems to have consumed the ones who used to sit on it.

The Toad Sofa is his latest accomplishment, featuring a monochrome black exterior which perfectly fits all modern eclectic decors. A rather intriguing piece, there are only two ways you can possibly feel about this one, one positive and one negative, absolute yes or definite no. The sofa highlights every nook and cranny on the frog’s bottom, from warts to sulci.

Anyways, we’re curious if any of you will ever wish to buy such a piece. It would go pretty well with previous pieces designed and manufactured by Maximo Riera, like the Rhino and the Walrus Chairs.

[Maximo Riera]

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