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Aman’s Fine Fragrance Collection Helps You Travel the World

Aman Fine Fragrance 1

Luxury hotel group Aman Resorts International is well known for its incredible destinations; with 32 high-end hotels in 20 countries, the brand has managed to successfully create a parallel universe of relief, rest, and rejuvenation.

But they also went beyond that, by introducing Aman Skincare’s new wellness brand, SVA, which offers a range of holistic formulas and supplements that should help you feel better .

Aman Fine Fragrance 2

Since every idea was met with such enthusiasm and resulted in financial success, Aman has decided to launch Fine Fragrance, a range of luxurious scents inspired by Aman’s exceptional destinations. The Aman Fine Fragrance collection comprises five 50ml Eau de parfums, each of them offering us the chance to travel to exotic places without purchasing a plane ticket.

Fabulous in nature, these special fragrances act as a catalyst, jump-starting your mind into remembering experiences you had previously enjoyed or simply teasing you into making new travel plans. Jacques Chabert, the man behind this unique collection, has imagined five gender-neutral scents.

Aman Fine Fragrance 3

‘Vayu’ was inspired by Amanpuri, Thailand; the Sanskrit word for ‘wind’ was chosen as inspiration and aims to bring about the freshness of summer and pristine white sands of Amanpuri with the aid of notes like Bergamot, Lemongrass, Coconut, and tuberose.

The second perfume, ‘Ayom’, was inspired by Amanjiwo, Indonesia, and it was meant to deliver the dramatic floral depths of the jungle. As such, notes of Bergamot, Cardamom, and Elemi were blended together to create the sensation of warmth and intimacy.

Aman Fine Fragrance 4

If Venetian opulence and grandeur is what gets you going, a rich and layered fragrance such as ‘Umbr’ should be your choice. Featuring notes of Black pepper, Rose, Safran, not to mention base notes of leather reminiscent of Aman Venice, this fragrance will easily seduce.

The colors of the Red City, Morocco have inspired ‘Zuac’, a fragrance boasting notes like Pink Pepper, Bay St Thomas, Saffron, Vetyver, and Patchouli.

Aman Fine Fragrance 5

Last, but not least, ‘Alta’ was inspired by Aman New York – set to open next spring season. The word Alta means ‘high’ in Latin, a fitting name considering the rich architectural history of New York.

Each fragrance comes enclosed in a gorgeous Paulownia wood box and it’s free from phthalates, artificial colorants, parabens, and such. Feel free to pre-order your very own Aman perfume, for $286.

Aman Fine Fragrance 6


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