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Amanjiwo is a peaceful resort in the rural paradise of Central Java

By Adrian Prisca


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Located in one of the most serene parts of Indonesia, the mesmerizing Amanjiwo resort sits in a natural amphitheater formed by the limestone Menoreh Hills behind, the Kedu Plain in front and four volcanoes, Sumbing and Sundoro to the west and Merbabu and Merapi to the east.

In this amazing place, the resort is made up of 34 gorgeous volcanic ash-tinted suites, tiered in two crescent shaped rows along the natural amphitheater which overlooks the world’s largest Buddhist sanctuary, Boronbudur. It’s the perfect location to relax, rediscover yourself and find your inner peace and even the resort’s name, Amanjiwo, stands for ‘peaceful soul’ which couldn’t be more appropriate.

In this scenic rural part of Central Java you could experience the unique Javanese culture and its ceremonies, or explore the nearby Buddhist temples and villages. If you think some of the volcanoes that surround the resort are still active, you are almost right, because Merapi and Merbabu are still active, even though they’ve been quiet for decades.

As you enter Amanjiwo you will be welcomed at the bell-shaped rotunda by Javanese girls in traditional dress with rose petals. The suites are warm and inviting and the resort’s restaurant, spa and amphitheatre-style pool will make you love this place even more.

Amanjiwo pays homage to Borobudur and the century-old design and traditions from Central Java.

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