Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing

Located just short distance away from Beijing’s city center and some of its most iconic landmarks (hint: one of them is in the name!), Aman at Summer Palace is an enchanting sanctuary which can provide the perfect setting for a great stay in the Chinese capital.

The historical site was in the past the guest quarters for the Empress Dowager Cixi, but today it welcomes its guests with all the modern features you could ask for at a high-end retreat – while also retaining the elegance and charm of the Ming Dynasty.

Rooms include such amenities as king-size beds, Ming Dynasty-styled armories, traditional wooden screens, and bamboo blinds and all face the courtyard with its maze of pathways and gardens. Dining options are surprisingly varied and consist of the Lounge, which offers continental cuisine, and the (aptly named) Chinese Restaurant, where guests can sample Cantonese fusion dishes. There’s also Naoki, where Chef Naoki Okumura prepares original Kaiseki fare, expertly combining French techniques with Japanese artistry.

To complete the unforgettable experience, one can also visit the Aman Spa, which boasts nine treatment suites, in addition to a gym, pool, squash court, and a juice bar.

[Kiwi Collection]