Alien vs. Predator Chess Set By Joker-laugh

The beginning of the 21st century brought us a bunch of good movies, of all kinds. The sci-fi world met the Alien vs Predator name during 2004, while even though not everyone considered it a blockbuster, we did. We think it’s a well done movie, a source of inspiration for other films alike.

Nonetheless, someone did inspire from it – Joker-Laugh, member of deviantArt. He’s crafted the unique Alien vs Predator Chess Set to make every chess and sci-fi addict go nuts.

The set is constructed in 25” x 25” dimensions, from small stone tiles and wood, resembling the pyramid temple of the Predators. The opposite teams are represented by the Predator side, with cloaked and visible pawns, every piece having its own skull collection, while the Alien side is represented by the Alien queen with eggs and larvae at different stages, plus a few of H.R.Giger’s facehuggers.

There’s no doubt that the author has spent long time to craft these pieces to their final detail, and we dearly thank him for doing it. As Alien vs Predator and chess fans, we’re looking forward to seeing even more gadgets and sets inspired by sci-fi movies.