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Alabama’s Stunning Château Montagel Could Be Yours

By Victor Baker


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Château Montagel

One of the largest private homes in the United States, Château Montagel, is a majestic 54,000 square feet mansion from Birmingham, Alabama, that could be yours in the near future, if you could actually afford it. You see, this stunning luxury home will be auctioned on November 29th, with the starting price being $4 million, but you can safely bet it will sell for much more than that, since it required $30 million to be complemented.

Once you enter this incredible chateau, you will be transported back to the 18th-century France, as frescoed ceilings and crystal chandeliers are just a small part of the aesthetic delights that await the future owners of this beautiful mansion and their privileged guests. The 27-acre Alabama estate also includes elegant draperies, custom rugs, as well as gold leaf accents throughout the home.

Château Montagel

At Château Montagel entertaining possibilities are infinite, both inside and out. Screenings, game nights, or sophisticated wine tastings are some events the future owners could think about, while equestrian activities and miles of meandering riding trails are also to be enjoyed here.

With 15 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, 12 fireplaces, an attached 12-car garage, mahogany windows & doors, antique pecan hardwood flooring, and two separate 800 square-feet cabana houses on offer, getting a party started right here seems to be almost an involuntary act.

There’s also a home theatre, complete with box office and a 17′ x 7′ screen, where up to 25 people can enjoy their favorite Hollywood production, and many other interesting amenities that make this property worth every single penny. Seems like the best Christmas present to give to yourself, right?

Château Montagel

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