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Airbus and Italdesign team up for the Futuristic Pop.Up

By Victor Baker


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Looking straight towards the future, Pop.Up is an incredible flying car concept imagined by Airbus together with the renowned Italian design firm Italdesign. This innovative project aims to be a modular system for multi-modal transportation, that would fully use both ground and airspace, making us daydream about riding one of these into the sunset.

With Pop.Up, mobility challenges will be a thing of the past and traffic congestion won’t be a problem either. But as you can probably imagine, coming up with a modular and urban mobility system is not a simple task. This concept would offer people a flexible and adaptable way of moving around the urban jungle, thanks to a unique blend between a small two-seater and vertical take-off and landing capabilities.


But Pop.Up could be also shared with other commuters, as it was designed to be super user-friendly. Passengers plan their journey and book their trip with this beauty via a dedicated app, and the system automatically suggests the best transport solution after careful consideration of all factors involved.

This high-tech, monocoque carbon fiber cocoon that keeps passengers safe and excited at all times becomes a car once it couples to the ground module, which features a carbon-fibre chassis and it’s battery-powered. And if you’d like to escape traffic and enjoy a different view of the city, the capsule would disconnect from the ground module and will be carried by a special air module, propelled by eight counter-rotating rotors.

Once you will get to your destination, the air and ground modules, plus the capsule, will return autonomously to their dedicated recharge station, waiting for your next trip. The future sure looks nice!


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