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Aerofex Set to Release the Aero-X Hoverbike by 2017

By Brody Patterson


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Here’s a cool contraption you might want to put on your wishlist for Christmas 2017: American company Aerofex is set to release the Aero-X, one of the world’s first hoverbikes, within the next three years.

While the concept of a hoverbike is decades old, unsurprisingly, technology needed some time to actually catch up and it seems the people over at Aerofex have finally figured things out. The Aero-X takes off vertically and can lift up to two people at about 12 feet of the ground. Its maximum speed is 45 mph and can fly for up to one a half hours.

This unique flying machine can be used for anything that requires speed and mobility, especially where good roads aren’t available. And since it’s easy to learn how to use and doesn’t even require a pilot’s permit, anybody can take it for a spin – anybody, who can meet the $85,000 asking price – at least by 2017, that is, so start saving up!


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