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adidas Originals 40th Anniversary Trefoil Watch

By Adrian Prisca


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Adidas have long been renowned for the exquisite clothing, footwear, perfumes and sports articles that they’ve designed and manufactured. For those that didn’t know, they’ve also gone into the world of watchmaking. And on the occasion of celebrating 40 years of Adidas Originals existence, they’ve crafted the Adidas Originals 40th Anniversary Trefoil Watch.

The dial face measures a big 50 mm in diameter, and proves to be made of aluminum, plated with polished gold. The backside of the timepiece features a numbered plaque and a commemorative black plate, marks of exclusivity for each of the units to be crafted.

In addition, to allow everyone to remember when the Adidas Originals brand had been created, the year 1972 is stamped on the dial face, Trefoil’s year of birth. The watch will be manufactured as a limited edition, of just 500 units. They are going to be available at select Adidas Originals retailers worldwide, starting Saturday, the 16th of June 2012.


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