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A Quinta da Auga Offers The Memories Of A Lifetime

By Victor Baker


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A Quinta da Auga

A Quinta da Auga was once an 18th-century Spanish paper factory, although things might look very different these days. Nonetheless, this charming location has its own history to brag about, but those industrial days are long gone, with a serene rebirth as a boutique inn near Galicia, Spain, having received quite a lot of attention – and for good reason, mind you.

Once abandoned and left to ruin, the building where this charming hotel can be found right now has enjoyed a complete restoration and renovation. The old stone exterior and the manicured grounds of this Galician artifact make sure anyone feels impressed and welcomed the moment they arrive here.

A Quinta da Auga

Located in Santiago de Compostella, A Quinta da Auga offers small, quiet moments that will most probably be appreciated by any and all guests. With 45 superb rooms and suites on offer, showing off the building’s unique history, and complemented by rich fabrics, modern amenities and marble bathrooms, we’re sure you will find your favorite.

Breakfast and casual vibes are always a mere walk away, while fine Galician cuisine can be experienced at the hotel’s elegant Filigrana restaurant. A trip to the spa will not be a waste of time, with more than one way of spending your time here – completely relaxed, we might add.

A Quinta da Auga

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