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1960 Riva Tritone Special Cadillac Powerboat up for grabs

By Brian Pho


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The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Estate is coming in May, under the leadership of RM Auctions. We’re bound to see vintage vehicles, loads of luxury stuffs and this incredibly luxurious speed boat, on auction. This 1960 Riva Tritone Special Cadillac Powerboat was manufactured by Carlo Riva in Lake Iseo, within his own shipyard.

It is, after all, one of the finest vintage wooden powerboats ever made, as it is known to have transported many of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities, like Peter Sellers, Brigitte Bardot or Sofia Loren. Boasting the Hull No. 143 designation, it is a one off, as there are no identical boats to this today. Manufactured by Riva under the commission of the renowned sailor and industrialist Achille Roncoroni, it is now searching for a new owner.

In spite of his main achievements as being a deep industrialist, Achille Roncoroni used to be a competitive sailor, having represented Italy in nautical sports during the 1958 Olympic Games. He had solicited the build of a one off edition of the Tritone series, the flagship range from Riva, under his specifications. Furthermore, this 8.3-meter speedboat houses a 325 HP Cadillac Crusader Marine V8 engine, the most powerful of its age. As for the hull, it was fully painted in white, while the engine was done in red. The interior displays a combination of red, blue and white tones. The hull and dashboard also sports some special lettering, crafted especially for this boat.

The boat used to be initially named the Ribot III, at the demand of Achille Roncoroni, and set many records for speed. It had reached a whopping 96 km/h, a record for Riva boats with stock propellers and engines. It was sold, during the 1970s, to its current owner. This means the Ribot III has had only 2 owners in its 40 plus years of life.

According to the auctioneers, the price of this precious vessel should be somewhere between €550,000 and €750,000 (equivocating between around $718,000 and $979,000).


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