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190 Fowler Street Is A Real Estate Masterpiece Adding To The Hamptons’ Magic

190 Fowler Street

Jay Bialsky, a real estate developer based right in the Hamptons, has recently unveiled his newest residential project for this sought after destination, a jaw dropping mansion standing two stories high, that’s nestled on a massive 2.8 acre lot in Southampton.

From the initial plans, the lavish home before you should spread over 11,000 square feet and it’s expected to cost around $33 million and even though the entire design is absolutely breathtaking, we think the major selling point of the project taking shape at 190 Fowler Street would be the stunning views over the Atlantic.

Located West of the neighborhood’s row of beachfront estates, this contemporary home is set to feature floor-to-ceiling windows and a modern cantilevered design – among many other things meant to make the owner feel proud to have spent ridiculous amounts of money for the privilege of owning this house.

190 Fowler Street

Scheduled for completion by 2017, this luxurious house will comprise seven bedrooms, a spacious living room with double-height ceilings, as well as a gym and a home theater. For the Fowler Street project, Blaze Makoid Architecture and LaGuardia Design have been commissioned for landscaping and other magical decorations.

From the incredible renderings below we’re sure this property will be quite the attraction, although it’s a safe bet that the asking price will be matching this home’s amenities and overall sense of style. It will be worth it, once the first dinner party takes place and people start to shower you with their appreciation and envy.

190 Fowler Street


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