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$159 Million For Le Palais Royal – America’s Most Expensive Property

By Victor Baker


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Le Palais Royal

Inspired by the Palace of Versailles in France, America’s most expensive home is yet again available for purchase. Initially listed for $139 million, the lavish Hillsboro Beach property is now considered to worth much more than that, hence the increase in price-tag to $159 million.

Dubbed as Le Palais Royal, the enormous mansion comes with six waterfalls, each of them reaching 25 feet in height, as well as a marble staircase worth more than most luxury homes – about $2 million.

That incredible amount of money will get you a master suite with a heated plunge pool on the balcony, $3 million worth of gold leaf decorations throughout the home, an 18-seat IMAX home theater, as well as a 30-car subterranean garage.

The latter should be easy to fill, as someone who can afford this property would definitely own an extensive collection of impressive rides.

Le Palais Royal

It’s also worth mentioning that the same Le Palais Royal mansion includes a wine cellar, which can store 3,000 bottles, and a 1,300-gallon built-in aquarium. And if that’s not impressive enough to you, you should know that an entertainment complex is being built underground. It will comprise an ice-skating rink, a nightclub, a bowling alley and a go-kart racetrack.

It seems that this particular new addition is what modified the price-tag, as it was not part of the original property. The exclusive estate has been under design and construction for about seven years, and the name behind it is Joseph Leone, who wanted to create a true marvel inspired by the French palace. I think it’s safe to say he succeeded.

Le Palais Royal

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