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We all have a dream home in mind, and here you’ll find some of the world’s most incredible properties, that were recently listed for sale. From lavish penthouses to cliff-side or beachfront marvels, from private islands to palatial mansions and old medieval castles, we’re only featuring the best of the best on Luxatic. Browse through our impressive collection of luxury homes and find your own dream home or just fantasize about living in one!

For $14.5M Villa Pearl Could be Your Own Caribbean Paradise

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 23 Jan 2017

Nestled in a blissful, secluded part of St. Thomas, in the wonderful U.S. Virgin Islands, this beautiful property looks like Heaven on Earth if you ask us. Boasting 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms – among many other stunning and enjoyable features – Villa Pearl can be found on the exclusive 397-acre gated community of The Preserve at Botany Bay. This magnificent property offers 270-degree viewsFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

At $250 Million, this Bel-Air Pad is America’s Most Expensive Home

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 22 Jan 2017

The most expensive home ever listed for sale in the United States sits right in front of you, so to speak. Priced at a mind blowing $250 million, this recently completed architectural marvel from Bel Air has loads of interesting details to brag about, with anything from exquisite finishes to bespoke leathers and fabrics, and many one-off decor elements making this propertyFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

Someone Paid $65.6M for a Luxurious Penthouse at 432 Park Ave

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 20 Jan 2017

An anonymous buyer who’s probably very, very wealthy has recently purchased one of the penthouses at 432 Park Ave., the tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere, for a whopping $65.6 million. If it sounds like a ton of money, that’s because it is, but this is actually the second-highest price paid for one of the residences at the Rafael Vinoly-designed luxuryFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

Circle R Might be The Colorado Ranch Of Your Dreams

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 16 Jan 2017

This pristine piece of property, nestled in the heart of Woody Creek, Colorado, might be called Circle R, but right now let’s just forget about its unusual name and focus on the stunning homes and the wonderful landscape in front of you. There are actually six separate single-family homes on site, each of them beautiful in its own way, with this property offeringFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

Pennsylvania’s Fatland Estate, Up for Sale at Just $3.95 Million

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 10 Jan 2017

Nestled just a few minutes outside of Philadelphia, the marvelous Fatland Estate can be found in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, and allows anyone who takes a glance of it to be instantly teleported back in time. This is probably one of the most beautiful homes in all of Pennsylvania, and it’s set on a stunning property covering 11.29 acres of spectacular grounds, which dates backFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

The Carlton House Terrace – a Stunning £35M Penthouse in London

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 25 Dec 2016

Covering 861 square meters of luxurious living spaces, the Carlton House Terrace is actually a unique penthouse from London, that was recently listed for sale at a staggering £35 million (or $43 million). Found right in the heart of London, this property sits in the prestigious St James neighborhood, in close proximity to the Buckingham Palace and many other important landmarks in town. The penthouseFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

Villa Florentine is a $21.5 Million Wonder from the Bahamas

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 23 Dec 2016

Found on the idyllic Paradise Island, in the Bahamas, Villa Florentine is a stunning property, to say the least, one that most of us can’t even afford to dream about. This lavish estate actually sits on two lots comprising 1.4 acres in the prestigious gated community of Ocean Club Estates, which satisfies today’s demand for worldly luxury within the comfortable Caribbean living.FULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

This Charming Medieval Castle from Siena Could be Yours for €35M

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 21 Dec 2016

The extraordinary Italian property in front of you, a charming medieval castle that’s joined by two incredible villas, hunting grounds, wine growers and gardens, is not something that your average Joe could probably afford to purchase. With 13 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms on offer, this place seems like it came straight out of fairy tales, and it’s ready to offerFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →