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Zemi Beach House Resort Will Quench Your Thirst For Exotic Beauty

By Victor Baker


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Zemi Beach House

Most of us have probably returned home from various dreamy vacation destinations, and I’m sure we’re all feeling a bit down from the cold weather outside and all the hard work that was waiting for you back home. However, we aim to please – and sometimes tease – which is why we’re now focusing our attention on Anguilla’s incredible Zemi Beach House Resort and Spa.

Mixing contemporary luxury with wonderful island traditions, this stunning boutique resort is set along a pristine white beach called Shoal Bay, in a secluded position that will make you love this place even more. Guests may pick one of 69 superb accommodations, each of them featuring a furnished balcony meant to make your days here even better thanks to the stunning Caribbean views.

Zemi Beach House

Of course, inside the rooms or suites you’ll be welcomed by a traditional vibe, with a charming island-inspired decor, that’s complemented by 21st century features, such as Bluetooth sound systems, Wi-Fi Internet, and motion-sensor climate control, among many other goodies.

But the resort’s mesmerizing spa is even more amazing; housed within a 300-year-old building, the services on offer here are overwhelming and seductive, with five multifunctional treatment rooms, a juice bar, a special meditation garden and yoga deck, where you could get in touch with your inner self. And the pool.. we really can’t find the right words to describe it.

Last but not least, experiencing the Caribbean’s bountiful seafood is always a good idea, and you could do exactly that at Zemi’s two restaurants, where a culinary celebration will prove to be a delightful dining experience. Don’t even think about going to bed after, since a long walk under the moon-lit sky is the only way you could end a perfect day in Anguilla.

Zemi Beach House

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