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Zeelander Yachts` New Z164 Explorer Yacht

By Brody Patterson


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Dutch shipyard Zeelander Yachts has developed a new range of Luxury Explorers, featuring innovative design and showcasing the company’s well known high technical and aesthetic standards. The new 50-meter superyacht Z164 is not only great in terms of performance, it’s also luxurious in its design and outfitting.

The ship has been created with those who want to truly explore the ocean. At a cruising speed of 10 knots, the Z164 has an autonomy of over 11,500 miles, which will take you more than halfway around the Earth. The boat has been developed for maximum efficiency, something which, along with large capacity fuel tanks, makes such long journeys possible. Another significant technical feat is the amazing reduction in noise and vibration achieved, ensuring the only thing the ship’s owner and guest will feel during the trip will the waves gently crashing against the hull and the ocean breeze.

The Z164 can accommodate up to 12 people in its 4 luxurious VIP cabins, spacious and sophisticated owner’s state room, and captain’s cabin (if the captain is among the 12, of course).


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