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World’s largest inflatable superyacht water slide

By Brian Pho


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As people’s pockets get larger and larger, so do concerns and preoccupations fluctuate, from poor to oligarch. In this case, some people’s lives pass without even allowing them to get to the seaside, let alone stumble upon yachts, while others’ concerns are related, as a daily routine, to how much exquisite stuff can they bestow their vessels with.

We’ve already featured on-boat rock climbing walls as means of entertainment, or even yachts fitted with inflatable water slides, for the same purposes. Of recently however, the story has taken extreme proportions – British brand Super Yacht Tenders & Toys has come up with a brand new S-shaped water slide, the world’s biggest yacht water slide in fact.

This incredibly weird contraption can be yours at 35 grand, a price tag that pales in comparison to the yacht it can be fitted on. Measuring 41 feet in length, it weighs 1,850 kg and requires a whopping 45 days to be put together. Happily, there’s no age required to use it!


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