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The Wider 42 Yacht Expands, Provides Extra Room to Bask in the Sun

By Brody Patterson


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When it comes to making yachts more awesome, what you usually do is make it bigger and fill it up with various toys and hi-tech systems. While remaining in the realm of the hi-tech, Wider Yachts has taken a very different approach to the issue of innovation and has created a boat that can modify its size, expanding and then contracting again to suit the owner’s particular needs at any one time.

The Wider 42 comes with a pair of 370 horsepower engines which power the vessel to an impressive speed of 44 knots. The yacht’s most remarkable feature, however, is the fact the lounge area can actually be expanded to 18-square-meters, basically at the push of a button (as the entire process only lasts 12 seconds). The 12-meter boat also boasts a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, in addition to a jet ski which can be used to hit the waves after you’re done soaking in the sun.


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