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When in Rome.. Relax at the NH Collection Palazzo Cinquecento

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NH Collection Palazzo Cinquecento

Rome has always been one of the world’s most popular and fascinating destinations, and if you’ve always wanted discover its numerous sights and unique beauty, there’s no place better to start from than the superb NH Collection Palazzo Cinquecento. There are many high-end hotels in Rome, but few hotels could actually brag about having a set of Roman ruins right in the garden.

A brand new retreat, poised in the center of Rome, Palazzo Cinquecento aims to offer a fresh take on hospitality, with modern amenities and state-of-the-art services contrasting beautifully with a section of the Servian Wall dating back to the 6th Century BC. So you could start to discover Rome right from the hotel’s gardens, while many of the town’s most iconic sights are within walking distance as well.

NH Collection Palazzo Cinquecento

With 177 vibrant guest rooms and suites ready to be enjoyed, each of them offering a contemporary feel, hardwood flooring, and convenient amenities, the NH Collection Palazzo Cinquecento easily proves its distinctive appeal, ideal for business and leisure travelers alike.

But this superb hotel will also impress you with its elegant restaurant, set on the ground floor and overlooking the gardens, where guests may enjoy nothing but the best of Italian and international dishes, paired best with a fine selection the extensive wine list and complemented by beautiful views. All roads lead to Rome, I guess..

NH Collection Palazzo Cinquecento

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