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We’d Love to Show Off DeWitt’s Academia Skeleton Watch

By Victor Baker


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Let’s ignore for a second the fact that DeWitt’s owner, Jerome DeWitt, is actually a descendant of the great Napoleon Bonaparte, and focus on his innovative Swiss watchmaking brand. Their avant-garde Academia collection has now gained a new precious timepiece, called the DeWitt Academia Skeleton, with a gorgeous see through design which allows us to take a closer look at the incredible technical horology inside this watch.

The DeWitt Academia Skeleton aims to remind us once again that mechanical watches are very much like tiny Rube Goldberg machines – overwhelming, hypnotic, really complicated and impossible to resist.

DeWitt’s newest creation is backed up by a 100-hour power reserve, displayed up around 2:30, that’s powering up the DW1105S manually wound movement. On top of all that and the contemporary skeletonized movement, the rose gold hands match a stunning 42.5 mm rose gold case, looking all cool while handling up to 30-meter depths.

One of the reasons things like tourbillons are so popular nowadays is that not only they display the mechanical complexity of a timepiece but they’re also highly animated. You just have to appreciate the fine craftsmanship behind this watch, with the company asking a cool $85,800 for a good deal of horological entertainment and exclusivity.

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