Watch Out For This Super Cool Unidentified Floating Object

Unidentified Floating Object

Unidentified Flying Objects might have inspired a lot of sci-fi movies and books, but this wonderful object is actually floating, not flying, and it was designed to sail on the blue seas to shock and awe everyone looking at it. This unique design is actually a solar charged floating house concept, that will also get energy from a hydrogen engine.

The Unidentified Floating Object concept home was imagined by Jet Capsule – meant to provide complete off-grid living in a place of your choosing – as long as it’s on water. Future owners of one of these amazing green homes may move around the world using a Torqeedo Deep Blue 1800 electric motor, although at a very slow pace.

A battery grabs its energy from solar panels and optional wind turbines to power up this electric motor.

Unidentified Floating Object

The Unidentified Floating Object is made of two half-spherical shells of fiberglass, and features a kitchen, living and dining room on its first floor, plus a bathroom and an incredible bedroom on the submerged lower level. Judging by the looks of it, you will surely appreciate the stunning views of sea life that you could get right from your bed.

Jet Capsule’s future plans for this amazing concept include an on-board water generator, designed to convert rain and sea water into drinking water – for inhabitants, possible guests or a deck veggie garden. For around $200,000, you might enjoy a UFO home of your own in the near future.

Unidentified Floating Object