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Vitesse | au dessus can turn your entire supercar into carbon fiber

By Victor Baker


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Vitesse | au dessus

It’s all about carbon fiber in the automotive industry nowadays, the powerful lightweight material that’s heavily used for supercars to get an incredible power to weight ratio. There are even companies that can turn your entire car into carbon fiber, like Vitesse | au dessus, a boutique from Washington, that can wrap or create anything out of the material.

From the small pieces inside the cabin, to crafting completely new body shells and even chassis, their work is truly impressive, resulting in comprehensive carbon fiber paneling for various supercars like the LaFerrari, Porsche 918, Lamborghini Aventador or the McLaren P1.

Vitesse | au dessus

Vitessse au dessus even provides petrol-heads the opportunity to be involved in the planning and creative process of turning their entire car into carbon fiber.  Customers will be provided with all the visual aids require to make an informed decision, including physical samples and photo-realistic 3D renderings. Judging by the gallery below, I doubt any of the clients will be ever disappointed. I mean, just look at these gorgeous supercars; would you?

Vitesse | au dessus

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