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Vision SZR still tries to enter production

The brand new supercar Vision SZR, that took part in the series “Done in 60 seconds”, will be equipped with a 6 liter V12 engine that produces 700 HP. A different version will also be produced, for the emptier pockets, powered by a 620 HP 6.2 liter V8, according to the upper-mentioned show.

The heaviest configuration will barely go above 1300 kg, given the fact that it is well-covered in carbon fiber and aluminum. This also ensures acceleration from naught to 100 kph in less than 4 seconds. John Misumi, the chief operating engineer, thinks of it as a muscle car for the 21st century. The development process started in the middle 1990s, with a redesigning in 2005.

Two reasons make this car undesirable to many: first – there is only one Vision SZR in the world, with a production cost of around $2 million and second – its design, resembling the 1990 Chevy Corvette CERV III concept car, in a twisted way.




  1. Roscoe October 11, 2011

    Where can I see the that show, the one you mention? Thx.

  2. Richie Rich October 11, 2011

    You could check out this video here: and google “Done in 60 seconds” for that show.


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