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Vintage Electric Unleashed the Scrambler on the Streets

By Victor Baker


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In a world where battery-powered vehicles are the next best thing, electric bikes are here to stay, which might not go too well with old-school fans and purists. Nonetheless, these minimalist-looking electric bikes are both user friendly and environmentally friendly, that’s why they already cater to a pretty large percentage of riders, with the number going up every single day.

Vintage Electric is a new player in this field, but the company is already aiming to conquer the world of electric bikes with their latest project,  charming electric bike that should convince even purists to go electric in the near future. Sure, at a relatively slow pace, but the overall aesthetic appeal of this unique bike will probably take over your heart and imagination.


Their project, called the Scrambler, was inspired by the wonderful bikes built at the beginning of the 20th century and packs a 702 watt-hour lithium battery. A sand-casted aluminum battery box keeps everything in check, while the company promises potential customers that their Scrambler will offer up to 35 miles of fun per charge and a top speed of up to 40 mph – in Race Mode.

That’s not too much, but at least you’ll ride in style. Built upon a hydro-formed aluminum frame, and featuring custom forks from MRP, Kevlar-reinforced tires and hydraulic disc brakes from Alfine, we’re sure that the $6,995 price-tag is completely justified.


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