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Vilner Beijing Can Set You Up With This Delicious Mini Cooper

By Victor Baker


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Vilner Beijing

Vilner has recently opened a new design studio in Beijing, China, and they’re already impressing everyone with this eccentric Mini Cooper, developed for the young actress Tyan Lynn. The extensive Vilner treatment has been applied to her beloved MINI One Cabrio R57, to reflect the owner’s sensuality and life motto: “Success can be limitless, just like the Universe”.

This R57 is a very bright example of the extrovert personality of Vilner China’s first customer, with the interiors featuring pure gold elements, such as the handcrafted icons on the buttons under the speedometer. Some of the controls have been finished in gold as well, and the console in front of the gearshift lever has been handcrafted too.

The latter also benefits from gold plating, along with the roll-bars behind of the rear occupants. It seems that the customer requested all the cutting and engraving to be done by hand and that’s an easy task for the guys at Vilner Studio.

Vilner Beijing

The most eccentric MINI in the world also includes 25 unique layers of coating and lacquer over the plastic dash elements, that’s why pushing those buttons must be magical, considering the flowing paint effect. The bespoke leather and Alcantara seen throughout the cockpit feature eye catching purple & blue colors, also thanks to Lynn’s eccentricity.

The stitching and the seat belts were finished in white, in an effort to match the pure white exterior, which has a minimalist look, with white alloys as well, and asymmetric wheel arches, with the front ones showing off a charming blue finish.

On a technical level, this 2010 MINI One Cabrio is packing a 90-hp 1598 cc engine, the same as it was when the car left the factory. Not too shabby, but this car is all about its extravagant looks.

Vilner Beijing


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