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Kirini Offers Beauty And A Taste Of Greek Hospitality

By Victor Baker


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Recognizing Santorini’s ravishing beauty is not really a difficult task, but it’s pretty hard to come up with something that would make this place even more amazing than it normally is. Perched atop the sun-kissed cliffs of Oia, Santorini, Kirini stands out as a stunning, white pearl, complementing the clear blue water of the Mediterranean sea and the similar hues of the endless sky.

This splendid five-star resort boasts a minimalist design, as well as luxurious amenities, all featuring a natural palette that could easily charm every single one of us. The entire resort feel like a compact and independent universe, dominated by an overall sense of inner peace and relaxation, with serene views that could literally take your breath away.


The clean backdrop of white seems to get you in a Zen mood almost instantly, and in a state of mind where no work or problems are allowed to disturb your inner peace. Doing nothing, chilling out, or lounging and drinking a fancy cocktail, while enjoying the fresh Mediterranean air and listening to the waves, is actually the way you’re going to spend time at this gorgeous resort.

Kirini also invites its guests to take a dip in the fancy infinity pool, although the sea is right below. Aside from the ability to socialize with the other guests, you may also want to participate in a warm and lively wine tasting. Let’s be honest.. who could say no to this opportunity, in which you’ll be able to sample some of the island’s most unique and provocative vintages?


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