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The sleek Vespa Chairs

Whenever there’s creativity, I see success. It’s the base of everything, from evolution to life itself. And when I see projects like this one, I can’t help myself being extremely enthusiastic. On to the point, the Vespa Chair is a gorgeous thing manufactured by a team of young artists from Bel & Bel.

The Barcelona-based studio, with sustainability in mind, probably, has thought of reengineering the disabled, stylish Vespa scooters, into very good-looking chairs. This means, after you purchase one of these you may boast you’re in fact riding one of the famous scooters. The Vespa swivel chair sports front shields and spare parts from extinct scooters, padded and upholstered with gorgeous leather to bring back that vintage look.

In addition to an added armrest for comfort, the guys at Bel & Bel haven’t missed fitting the chairs with flashing lights, again, reminders of the chairs’ origins. If you want one of these, be prepared to draw $2,866 from your pockets for a piece.




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