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The Updated Vespa Chairs Look Uber Cool

By Victor Baker


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Vespa Chairs

It’s been a while since the last time we were mesmerized by the wonderful Vespa Chairs. The trusty old swivel chair has been an essential office companion ever since it was invented by the great Thomas Jefferson, and today the snazzy Bel & Bel scooter chair swivel chair is an absolute head-turner, not to mention distraction.

There’s a new edition of the brand’s amazing Vespa Chairs, with these customizable beauties made from a revival of the original parts of the 1980’s legendary Italian scooter. This alone is enough to get people dreaming about owning one and filling out the order form.

Vespa Chairs

Fully manufactured, personalized and handmade by Bel & Bel, these Vespa Chairs come with an official certificate of authenticity ensuring that your unique model, part of a numbered series, is worth your money and everyone’s attention.

With an impressive ergonomic structure for maximum comfort, this chair reclines, regulates and adjusts to the sitter’s most convenient height.  A reinforced internal structure and a hydraulic piston base keeps you comfy, along with the stylish looks of the imitation leather upholstery.

The nostalgic throwback to the iconic 80s now benefits from new color combinations, while keeping in line with the cool attitude of a Vespa rider.

Vespa Chairs

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