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$7,000 Worth Of Silent Pool Gin Will Get You In A Good Mood

Silent Pool Gin

Bond, James Bond, is probably reading this and thinking: I’ve got my own supply, this isn’t news for me. Well, it is for us, as spirit collectors and gin aficionados from all over the planet can now glance upon the world’s largest and most expensive bottle of gin, which costs no less than $7,000.

The Silent Pool Gin is the product of UK-based Silent Pool Distillers, a company that planned to impress us all with the world’s only nine-liter bottle of gin. If you don’t believe us, feel free to visit Hedonism Wines, in Mayfair, London, on the 10th of March, when you can see this massive bottle first hand.

Silent Pool Gin

Hand painted and signed by artist Laura Barrett, this is more like a work of art than a bottle of smooth drink. Inspired by ingredients of the gin, the area in which it is created, as well as local mythology, the design of the  Silent Pool Gin bottle contains botanicals such as Bosnian juniper, Bulgarian angelica, honey and grain of paradise.

The most expensive bottle of gin in the world has already made an appearance at an event at McLaren’s showroom, and everyone there was mesmerized. Could you blame them?

Silent Pool Gin


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