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Vertu Signature Dragon Collection for the Lunar New Year

By Adrian Prisca


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The Chinese tradition tells us this is a Lunar New Year, thus a retinue of widely-known brands have presented products with dragon symbols and dragon-themes, in order to increase their incomes and fame by attracting customers. One of these brands is Vertu, who launched three unique mobile phones to celebrate the coming of the Lunar New Year.

The models feature three styles: a black stainless-steel with rubies one, stainless steel with emeralds and the top yellow gold with diamonds. All of them are based on a “four-clawed dragon motif which was an emblem exclusively reserved for Chinese noblemen and senior officials”.

The highlight of the series, the yellow-gold plated phone, is decked with 18-carat gold and a 0.33-carat princess-cut white diamond on the navigation button. There are two additional white diamonds that represent the eyes of the dragon on the back. Furthermore, the dragon was stamped with the 725 in Switzerland in the Assay Office before being mounted on the back of the gadget.

The stainless steel piece boasts a 0.25 carat princess-cut green emerald in the middle of the navigation key, while the 925 sterling-silver dragon has eyes consisting of 2 emerald stones. Similar to this one is the black PVD stainless steel phone, except the fact that it includes rubies.

The only price known to us is the Signature Dragon Black PVD Stainless Steel Ruby phone’s, which comes in three pieces exclusively in Singapore, a mere $20,700 per piece.


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