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Veltra Unveils The World’s First Laminated Bamboo Bike

By Victor Baker


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In a world where traffic seems to grow at a rapid pace and congestions are pretty normal, it’s become clear that bikes are the better option to move around town. That’s why the bicycle market went up a lot in these last couple of years, with no signs of slowing down.

But with so many new bikes released every single day and thousands of options to choose from already, it’s become extremely hard to find a bike that really stands out. That’s where Veltra Bikes comes in, a small company from Romania that just unveiled the world’s first laminated bamboo bike – an eco-friendly bicycle that looks and rides like no other bike you’ve seen before!

Handcrafted with care in the company’s local workshop, each Veltra Bike is built from scratch and takes tens of hours to complete, as every step of the building process requires fine craftsmanship and last generation equipment to bring this high-end laminated bamboo frame to life. Add in the premium finishes and the high end equipment and you get a bike that’s completely different from anything you’ve ever ridden.

The bike’s unique bamboo frame absorbs road vibrations very well and it actually has a strength greater than steel; and with its sporty diamond shape it strikes the perfect balance between comfort, performance and efficiency. 

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The brilliant team of engineers from Veltra worked hundreds of hours on numerous prototypes of this bike to improve its handling, stiffness and aerodynamics. They wanted to build an elegant bicycle with a short wheelbase and athletic handling that could offer the best road performance and an awesome first-ride experience. 

That’s how this beauty was born: a stylish urban rocket, made from bamboo, that’s very nimble in traffic and extremely fast on open roads. The meticulous attention to details, combined with high quality components and its stunning design will make every trip with Veltra an unforgettable experience. 

Speaking of components, the sleek Veltra Bike comes with lightweight Tensile Professional Hubs, which are ideal for day to day city riding, Shimano Tiagra dual pivot brake calipers, that ensure reliable and precise braking in any situations, even when it’s raining outside, and a comfy Charge Spoon saddle, which is perfect for riders who want the best support, performance and value.

The bikes also feature long-wearing Michelin Dynamic Sport tires, that ride efficiently mile after mile, bespoke handlebars, pedals, steps and headsets from Ergotec, a carbon fiber fork, Ryde DP16 rims with Mack 1 spokes and many other goodies. The bike will be available in three sizes, S/M/L, weighting in at just below 10 kg (22 lbs).

Each Veltra bike is hand crafted with care and precision – only one at a time – to make sure that every single one of them offers the highest level of quality. They’re priced at just 1,200 EUR or roughly $1,415, but we also have a special discount code for you – if you use “LUXATIC” you’ll get 10% off on any order. 

For more details about this gorgeous bicycle, head over to VeltraBikes.com.

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