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Valkyrie Series Brings Private Jets To A New Level

By Victor Baker


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San Francisco-based Cobalt is an aircraft company with a mission. They are planning to transform private flying with a new range of planes that is stylish, sleek, modern and incredibly fast that’s called Valkyrie.

Able to reach impressive speeds of up to 480 km/h, the Valkyrie Series consists of two types of engine classes, both of them featuring a five-seat capacity and a completely customized interior and exterior. This innovative private aircraft is not only technologically advanced and safe to fly, but also extremely luxurious.


The design of this private jet has been influenced by classic fighter jets, for obvious reasons, including the clean lines and premium finishes. Customers may actually choose from a wide range of finishes, while the interior features hand-stitched leather seats and a simple dashboard layout with only one on/off switch.

You should also know that the Valkyrie series comes with a small extra wing, that helps the main wing to provide extra stability and control, thus keeping the plane from stalling in midair. That’s how pilots are now able to enjoy the industry’s safest landings and takeoffs, while an on-board parachute acts as a back-up plan – just in case.


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