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Ultrasone Edition 10 Open Back Headphones

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The German manufacturers from Ultrasone AG made a name for themselves in these last years for releasing some of the world’s most luxurious and, of course, most expensive headphones. After the edition 8 Palladium headphones and the Edition 9 headphones, the 10th edition was the next in line.

The luxurious Ultrasone Edition 10  headphones are the first open back special edition headphones from the German manufacturer. The high end headphones are made from a range of luxury materials and will be produced in a limited run of only 2,000 units.

These limited edition headphones are ultra light an feature Zebrano wood ear cup inlays, Ethiopian sheepskin leather ear cup pads, Titanium plated drivers and Kevlar coated cables. The ear cups boast high levels of air permeability through the grills, high specific torsion strength and really low resonance.

The titanium plated drivers measure 40mm and feature a 10% more powerful magnet for superior sound pressure levels. S-Logic Plus technology is used to deliver natural three dimensional sound and these special headphones will also enrich the audiophiles with an improved spacious tonal perception.

The Ultrasone Edition 10 Open Back Headphones will come with a wooden box an a handcrafted Zebrano wood headphone stand and the total price will be $2,749.

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